Big reward being offered to whoever finds lost parrot

SAN DIEGO - A local bird trainer says a friend's mistake caused one of her prized parrots to fly off and now she is offering a big reward to whoever finds it.

YouTube video shows Raz Rasmussen's African gray parrots flying near Mission Bay. The two birds have not been apart since they were just months old. She says Carly Lu and Piper are like family to her.

"She's one of those animals that's like a soul mate animal," said Rasmussen. "She's like a daughter to me, literally."

Carly Lu flew away while a friend was watching. Once the birds take off, they can be tough to follow if you are not a pro.

"They do have a tendency to just all of a sudden go, OK, it's time to stop and they'll go up and roost in a tree and they're so quiet that you can't find them," said Rasmussen.

It is something Piper has been doing a lot more of lately. Rasmussen thinks he is depressed.

She is now offering up a big reward: $1,200 for the person who brings the bird home.

The bird has a tag that has Rasmussen's phone number on the back and an unmistakable, bright red tail.

"Pretty well known in the training community, as well as locally among people that visit the bay and the beach," she said.

There are flocks of green parrots that fly into the San Diego area around this time of year. They think the bird may have teamed up with one of them. If you see a grey parrot among them, call the Department of Animal Services.

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