Bicyclist injured on recently resurfaced road says resurfacing left bike lanes damaged

SAN DIEGO - A local man contacted 10News after he says a recently resurfaced road left him with major injuries. The man was riding his bicycle in Kearny Mesa when he flipped, cracking his helmet in six places.

Terry Powers bikes to work every day in Kearny Mesa from La Mesa using bike lanes. However, it is getting more dangerous and not just because of traffic.

"I can't recommend biking anymore," said Powers.

He showed 10News bike sharrows that were recently painted along Balboa Avenue.

"They put paint right over the loose gravel and right over a pothole," said Powers.

The traffic lanes were repaved last month but the bike lanes were left in terrible condition.

"They left the bike lanes in shambles … actually in worse condition than they were before," said Powers.

Some of the potholes are about 2 and a half feet wide and at least 2 inches deep.

Because of these conditions, Powers decided to take an alternate route along Aero Drive last October, but that turned out to be a bad detour.

"I struck a big chunk of asphalt that was paved right into the bike lane like a speed bump on a freeway with no markings," said Powers.

He flipped his bike and ended up in the hospital with more than $12,000 in medical bills alone. His insurance will cover most of it, but he has filed a claim with the city and tells 10News he cannot believe the response he got from the deputy director of the Public Works Field Engineering Division.

"Conditions of the bike lanes were no better, quote, no better or worse than they were before they started the construction," said Powers.

10News' calls to the deputy director were not returned.

San Diego City Councilwoman Lorie Zapf's office tells 10News they cannot comment on this matter because a claim was filed, but they are taking it seriously and looking into it.

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