Ben's Blog: NCAA Tournament vs. Super Bowl

SAN DIEGO - Thursday reminded us why the NCAA Tournament is America's greatest sporting event. 

Super Bowl Sunday is a great day for a party, but I don't need to remind you that this year's game was a dud. It happens. Growing up in the final quarter of the 20th century, I didn't get to see very many entertaining Super Bowls. The games seem to have improved in recent years, but even under the best of circumstances, you're only going to get ONE good game on Super Sunday.

Meanwhile, on the first two days of the NCAA Tournament, you have 32 chances at great games and memorable finishes. The combination of youthful enthusiasm and the pressure of single elimination brings out both the best and worst of our college athletes.

On one day alone (Thursday), we saw four overtime games, three inspirational upsets (Dayton, Harvard, North Dakota State), two late collapses (NC State, SDSU-whew), and one buzzer beater for a win (Texas) that missed getting blocked by about a quarter of an inch (Arizona State).

It would take 50 years worth of Super Bowls to generate that much drama.

When it comes to America's greatest sporting event, I'm casting my vote for the NCAA Tournament every time.

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