Ben on the Bolts: Good and Bad at Petco Park

I took my family to the Padres-Diamondbacks game on Saturday night at Petco Park and came away with some mixed feelings. The following are some of the good and bad from a night at the ballpark:

GOOD: As usual, the food and beer options at Petco were terrific. Hodad's Burgers and Ballast Point Sculpin were on our menu on Saturday night. I wish the team was as good as the grub.

BAD: The Padres' offense. Historically bad. I arrived expecting to see one run on four hits, because that seems to be what the Padres get every game. I was pleasantly surprised by one run on five hits. A first inning sacrifice fly was all the offense we were destined to see.

GOOD: The kids had a great time. Both made the FriarVision big screen while dancing during separate inning breaks, and our dedication paid off in the ninth inning when my oldest son, Jack, was able to grab a foul ball that landed in an empty seat just a few feet away from our row on the 3rd base side of home plate. It helped that many other fans had left by that point.

BAD: The new "National University" sign in the outfield is one of the worst eyesores in all of baseball. It's impossible to ignore, wrecking my usual enjoyment of the downtown view that makes Petco Park so special. I understand the need for advertising (I work in TV and radio, after all), but there's a time and a place. Adding the sign now, when the team is struggling, is not the time. The giant open space just left of the batter's eye is certainly not the place.

Thanks to Twitter follower Angela for the picture.

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