Ben on the Bolts: Chargers vs. Jaguars

Time once again for my Chargers "3 Questions" blog...a question that was answered, a question that was left unresolved, and a new question that was created during the course of the game. Here's the Chargers vs. Jaguars edition.

QUESTION ANSWERED: Can the Chargers take care of business against an inferior opponent? For the first time this season, the Chargers won a game they were actually favored to win. The Bolts may be kicking themselves about their performance in Oakland at the end of the season, but they successfully avoided the trap of "playing down" to their opponent in Jacksonville. With a tougher schedule in the second half of the season, they can't afford to lose any more games to teams they should be beating.

QUESTION UNRESOLVED: Is Ryan Mathews part of the team's future plans?  It seems premature to start talking about a contract extension for Ryan Mathews after two good games, but his rookie deal will be expriring soon, and the Chargers will need to decide if he's done enough to earn another contract, or if finding a cheap running back in the draft is the way to go. The Bolts have invested a lot of time and money in Mathews, and are finally getting something back. It might be hard to just let him go. At the same time, Mathews is not the kind of player you'd kill your salary cap to keep. This issue bears watching as the season moves forward.

QUESTION CREATED: What will the Chargers offensive line look like moving forward?  The Chargers may have won the game, but they lost left tackle King Dunlap to a second concussion, and it would be unwise of the Bolts to count on Dunlap for the rest of the season. Rookie D.J. Fluker answered the bell, playing LT for this first time since high school, but is that the best solution moving forward? Or is it the only solution? With Mike Harris out for the season, the picknigs are slim at left tackle for the Chargers.

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