Behind the scenes in the race for San Diego mayor

SAN DIEGO - It's a cluttered field in the race to replace Bob Filner, but as of Tuesday, political experts believe City Councilman Kevin Faulconer and former state Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher seem most likely to battle it out in a run-off for San Diego mayor.

The exits of acting Mayor Todd Gloria and congressional hopeful Carl DeMaio from the race seem to please both Republicans and Democrats.

Republicans wanted DeMaio to stay in the hunt for the U.S. House of Representatives, 10News learned.

Ron Nehring, former Calif. Republican Party chair, told 10News, "For the Republican side, it maximizes our opportunity to win both seats -- the mayor's office as well as the congressional seat. If Carl had backed away from the congressional seat, (current Rep.) Scott Peters would be more heavily favored to hold on to it and that's an outcome we didn't want to see. On the mayor's side, Kevin Faulconer is a very strong candidate."

San Diego County Democratic Party Chair Francine Busby thinks Fletcher can overcome any bad vibes about his switching parties.

"Nathan Fletcher certainly has evolved as a person and in his political points of view and he's very articulate in explaining that so I think he will appeal across party lines," Busby said.

There is one priority for voters in the mind of political analyst John Dadian.

"People are looking for Nathan Fletcher or Kevin Faulconer to bring stability and bring honor back to the mayor's office. Labor is leaning toward Fletcher but not completely; several major factions in labor are not happy with Fletcher so they're looking for an alternative and that could be (San Diego City Councilman David) Alvarez or (former state Assemblywoman Lori) Saldaña."

Decision day will be in November.

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