Bear spotted roaming LA neighborhood

A male bear seen running through a Sun Valley neighborhood Wednesday had many residents scrambling to lock their doors as authorities pursued him.

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Authorities said the 150-pound bear went through trash, got a drink out of a swimming pool and even scared some horses in a backyard. While authorities searched for him, residents were grabbing their cameras.

"I wasn't really scared; he just wandered through here, he was just trying to get home," said resident Allison Bouck.

It's unusual to see a bear in Sun Valley, a suburb in Los Angeles, but authorities believe the bear came down from the mountains in search of food.

"We've got some bobcats and the horses go crazy and stir up, so that was my main concern," said resident Laurie Patenade.

When Fish and Wildlife officials finally caught up with the bear, he had made his way into a nursery. It was at that point they were able to tranquilize him.

"We used a dart loaded with a sedative and it will allow him to just lie down and take a nap for a while," said J.C. Healy of California Fish and Wildlife.

"This time of year, the big males are out looking for food and when they see the younger males it becomes a competition. in the animal world, the bigger male will push this little guy out, so he was probably just looking for a save spot and food," Healy added.

Fish and Wildlife officials will take the bear back up into the mountains and give him another chance for life in the wild.

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