Beach visitors dodging mysterious balls of tar along San Diego's coastline

Beachgoers believe tar balls are man-made mistakes

SAN DIEGO - Some little balls of tar are making their way onto San Diego beaches, but no one is really sure where they are coming from.

A San Diego Lifeguards spokesman the little balls have been spotted on the shore from Pacific Beach to Carlsbad.

An expert with San Diego Coastkeeper wasn't sure exactly where San Diego's tar balls are coming from.  He said tar balls further up the coast in Long Beach and Huntington Beach are often natural and seep up out of the earth.

"I'm really irritated," said Jack Cardoza, who stepped on a tar ball in Carlsbad.

Cardoza doesn't believe the little balls are natural.

"What are they doing over the horizon that we don't see here in San Diego?" Cardoza asked. "I mean, look at the stuff that came from Fukashima and that North Pacific Gyre recently."

Lifeguards simply warned beachgoers that they need to watch their step.

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