Bank robbery suspects will stand trial in string of robberies dating back to last year

Trio threatened tellers to steal thousands

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - Three suspected bank robbers were back in a San Diego County courtroom Tuesday as prosecutors showed several videos of the heists, including one that ended the string of robberies.

Laura Elshire, 42, Robert Anthony Hodge, 28, and Casey Allen Wilson, 27, are all facing robbery charges. Wilson is also accused of threatening a bank employee with a stun gun.

Elshire allegedly handed a demand note to a teller inside a Wells Fargo Bank branch in the 8400 of Genesee Avenue in University City shortly before 5 p.m. on June 11. In the note, she and an accomplice claimed to be armed, according to San Diego police Lt. Kevin Mayer.

Wilson allegedly told the teller to hurry and repeated the demand before switching on an electric stun gun he was carrying, police said.

A private security guard testified Tuesday he shot Wilson as he tried to run out of the bank. Wilson, who had wounds to his face and one of his arms, got into a waiting car, which sped off, police said. The getaway vehicle was allegedly driven by Hodge.

The security guard said he held Elshire on the ground until police arrived. Wilson was later arrested at the hospital where he went after suffering two gunshot wounds. Hodge was captured later in Mexico.

The prosecutor told Judge Howard Shore the trio were behind six bank robberies during the last two years. It was hard to identify the suspects in the videos played in court because the robbers were wearing disguises.

"It was kind of hard to see a lot of their faces. They had really big sunglasses and hats pulled down," testified Wells Fargo teller Lisa Trujillo.

The security guard, whose identity the judge asked 10News to protect, testified he opened fire on Wilson after Wilson charged at him holding what looked like a weapon.

"At that point, I immediately draw my weapon," said the guard. Wilson took off running despite being hit.

Hodge, represented himself during Tuesday's preliminary hearing. He only asked a couple of questions after the prosecution paraded bank teller after bank teller to the witness stand to testify the robbers threatened them.

"I heard him yelling, 'Give me the f-ing money. Give me the f-ing money,'" said one man.

Another teller said, "He was just saying, 'Give me the money.  This is serious. Hurry up.'"

No one was ever injured other than Wilson, who was still wearing a splint from the gunshot wound he sustained in the botched robbery.

All three were bound over for trial, which is slated to begin Sept. 17.

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