Baby rescued from cold waters of San Diego Bay

SAN DIEGO - A baby girl was pulled from the cold waters of San Diego Bay Monday morning after she apparently tripped and fell in, according to witnesses at the scene.

The girl, who is younger than 2 years old, fell between the Star of India and the Berkeley -- both ships are part of the Maritime Museum downtown.

The girl's father was quick to jump in after her. An off-duty police officer from New Mexico who witnessed the accident handed off his phone and was about to dive in when a man who operates a coffee cart in the area threw him a lifesaver from one of the ships. The officer threw the floatation device to the father and was able reel him and the girl back to dry land.

A nurse visiting from Wisconsin, who also saw the incident, advised the father to remove the child's clothes and wrap her in blankets to help stabalize her, which he did with dry towels that were handed to him.

Though the young girl seemed okay, she was taken to a local hospital as a precaution.

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