Azteco Frankie Soto suspected in fire at Chula Vista High School on Thanksgiving Day

Soto already in jail on unrelated charges

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - A man already jailed on unrelated charges was booked Friday on suspicion of trashing and torching a South Bay high school cafeteria during a Thanksgiving Day break-in.

A surveillance camera captured images of an intruder using a skateboard to smash a window at the Chula Vista High School lunchroom on Nov. 28 before entering, dumping food and seasoning containers onto the floor and starting a fire, according to police.

During the 40-minute vandalism and arson spree, the man also turned off the electricity, ruining refrigerated food stocks, Capt. Lon Turner said. The total monetary losses were set at about $5,000.

Detectives recovered fingerprints at the crime scene, eventually leading them to identify jail inmate Azteco Frankie Soto, 26, as the suspected perpetrator.

Soto had been in custody since Dec. 2 in connection with a San Diego commercial break-in. He was re-booked this morning on additional charges of arson, burglary and vandalism, Turner said.

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