Autopsy on body found inside car linked to double fatal shooting in progress: ID expected next week

Gianni Belvedere's car located in Riverside

RIVERSIDE, Calif. - Detectives with the Riverside Police Department say an autopsy was started Wednesday on a body found inside a car connected to a double fatal shooting in Mission Valley that was located in Riverside.

The autopsy being conducted inside the Riverside County Coroner's Office may help solve a month-old mystery. 

The Riverside police and the Riverside County Sheriff's departments are working with San Diego police to trying to figure out who killed Sal Belvedere and Ilona Flint and where Gianni Belvedere – Sal Belvedere's brother and Flint's fiancé – is.

Riverside police Lt. Val Graham told 10News work is underway to identify the remains found in the trunk of Gianni Belvedere's car located in Riverside, nearly 100 miles away from the crime scene in Mission Valley where Sal Belvedere and Flint were found shot. Flint died at the scene, and Sal Belvedere died two days later in the hospital.

"The autopsy has been started," said Graham. "There's some more steps before we can say that it's completed, so technically, it's still open and detectives would at some point have to get with the pathologist and with the coroner's department to evaluate what evidence has been located."

On the coroner's website, the status of the body found was changed from "homicide" to "suspicious circumstances," though detectives confirm to 10News, it means nothing. They are still not saying if it was a murder or suicide.

Graham says detectives will be sifting through Wednesday's findings but that a positive identification may not be made for several more days.

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