Authorities investigate threat against Carlsbad High School

Security patrol increased at school

CARLSBAD, Calif. - The Carlsbad Unified School District has asked for more security at Carlsbad High School after police said a student made a threat to harm others on campus.

Some parents and students told 10News they were very reassured by how the school handled the threat. However, several students said they were still afraid and planned to skip school.

Student Marco Barocio said, "I heard the kid was [going to] come here and shoot up the school."

Last Friday, prior to the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., the school received a report that a student threatened to bring a gun and cause harm on Dec. 21.

"You're constantly worried and watching your back, not sure what to do," said student Tyler Foster.

Foster said he's not taking any chances this Friday and plans to skip school.

"My plans are to stay home and not to worry," he told 10News.

His mother, Terri, said she is pleased with the school's response to the threat, but understands her son's fears.

"I understand his feelings and what happened there is just as viable; it could happen anywhere," said Terri Foster.

District officials have been in contact with police and have notified families via email and phone regarding the threat. It is not disclosing the identity of the student, who has not been at school since last Friday.

On Wednesday, the following statement was posted on the district's website:

"We have been assured by the Carlsbad Police Department that the student who made the threat has neither the intention nor means to act upon it."

Police told 10News detectives have interviewed many students, including the one who allegedly made the threat.

They said they found no evidence of a credible threat.

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