Audit: SD School Employees Accidentally Overpaid

San Diego school employees were accidentally given more than $400,000 worth of taxpayer money, 10News reported.

There have been protests and cuts as times have become tough when it comes to school budgets.

"Every dime and every penny needs to be pinched and watched over," said San Diego Unified School District audit chair Dan McAllister.

10News obtained a recent audit revealing the district overpaid school employees by more than $400,000.

McAllister said this is unacceptable.

"It doesn't matter; whether it's $1 or $500,000, it's still taxpayer dollars and we need to be vigilant over these monies," said McAllister.

The findings include one employee being overpaid more than $60,000. The employee received a paycheck while on unpaid leave of absence.

Last year, many employees were overpaid more than $1 million. This year, the number has been cut in half but some say that's still a lot.

"The majority are small errors in the system that happens from time to time … to a half a million dollars total? I think not," said McAllister.

Parents like Bey-Ling Sha have seen dramatic cuts in her son's school programs, and said she cannot believe the district would make such a big mistake.

"I would just request that the Board of Education before asking parents and teachers and students to make our sacrifices that they need to clean up their own house," said Sha.

10News asked the SDUSD what they are doing about it.

State law requires the district to get the money back.

"We're working our way into the exact list of people, but the last time I checked they were ticking off the people on that list so far," said Bernie Rhinerson of the SDUSD.

For Sha, every dollar lost is another dollar that could have gone to a student.