Attorney Gloria bids Bob Filner farewell

Allred to be joined by three of Filner's accusers

SAN DIEGO - Attorney Gloria Allred and three of Mayor Bob Filner's accusers held a news conference Friday to "celebrate" his last official day as mayor of San Diego.

Last week Filner announced he would be resigning from office effective 5 p.m. on August 30.

Allred along with three of Filner's accusers, were at the Westin San Diego to react to Filner's final day as mayor. They sat in front of  red, white and blue balloons that read "Filner Finished."

Allred displayed parting gifts at his "going away party."

The first gift was a laminated wallet-sized card listing California's law on sexual harassment.

When he gets the "urge to speak to a woman or touch a woman… I suggest he pulls this out," Allred said.

The second gift was a hand-held mirror to so Filner could see "who was responsible for his downfall - not a lynch mob," Allred said.

"He has only himself to blame," said Allred.

The third and last gift was a card. It read, in part, "I look forward to seeing you again soon, at your deposition."

Allred said the case was moving forward, if a deal could not be reached. Filner's former communications director, Irene McCormack Jackson, has the only lawsuit against Filner, and is represented by Allred.

Shannon, the part-time city employee and great-grandmother, again became emotional when she described what happened on Monday at City Hall, when she saw Filner.

"Just being in the same room, my heart stopped and i was very upset," Shannon said. "But I turned away until he went upstairs. I was a victim, and now i am a survivor."

Nurse Michelle Tyler said she was glad the city was able to move forward.

"I am very happy that (Filner) did the right thing and put the best interests of this city first," Tyler said. "Trust me, this was very difficult for us to do."

Tyler accused Filner of trying to get a date, in exchange for helping her friend deal with Veterans Affairs red tape.

That friend is injured U.S. Marine Katherine Ragazzino. She said following their last public statement against Filner, she had a meeting with staff from Rep. Scott Peters office.

"All major issues have been resolved," Ragazzino said, adding that Friday was a special day to her because it was her late father's birthday - who also was a Marine.

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