Attempted rape, kidnapping suspect said voices told him to do 'bad things'

EL CAJON - A man accused of attempted kidnapping and rape at a parking garage in Grossmont College spoke to 10News about the alleged crimes.

Anthony Washington, 26, told 10News that voices were telling him to do 'bad things."

“I was currently diagnosed with schizophrenia and I was hearing voices to do bad girls," said Washington. "To go get, um, sex."

Washington was arrested Tuesday on attempted rape and kidnapping charges.

“[The voices] told me to go over there to the college," he said. "I followed this girl from um, the trolley station to her college…and I followed her to her class."

Once that woman went to into a classroom, he said he went to look for another young woman to follow.

He said he went to the large, eastern parking garage and found a girl getting ready to get into a parked car.

Authorities said that's when Washington accosted her.

“Straddled her and put a knife to her throat,” Washington said.

He said he then forced her to get into her car.  He told 10News that he had planned to "rape her" next.

A passerby saw what was happening and began to honk his horn. Washington ran away.

10News learned from the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Sheriff's Department deputies that before he attacked the woman in the garage, Washington hid inside the stall of a women's bathroom, waiting for a victim.

He was arrested just outside of the garage by campus sheriff's deputies, with their guns drawn.

Washington told 10News that he has a treatment plan for his schizophrenia that he's not following.  He said that he feels bad for hurting the woman.

We reached out to Washington's family to ask about his medications and why he was not under their care, but they declined to comment.

Washington, who is not a student at the college, is set to be arraigned Thursday in court.

The victim was not injured, authorities said.

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