Arrests made in 'Spider-Man' robberies

Johnny McGee, Gina Ludwig face charges

LA MESA, Calif. - A man accused of wearing a Spider-Man mask during store robberies in the East County was arrested, police announced Tuesday.

La Mesa police arrested 43-year-old Johnny McGee on June 7 in connection with at least five store robberies. Thirty-eight-year-old Gina E. Ludwig was also arrested in connection with the crimes. She was arrested at a San Diego home on Bocaw Place.

Ludwig's 17-year-old son seemed unfazed when 10News spoke to him.

"She gets what she deserves," said Ron Ludwig, who was home when both were arrested. "She just kept choosing drugs over us and this time she chose her boyfriend over her kids."

Police said Ludwig drove the getaway car. She is also charged with two robberies and two burglaries.

Ron Ludwig said, "They'd come home and be like nothing happened, nothing happened. But I always suspected something was going on because they would come home with money sometimes and I'd be like, 'where did you get that' and they'd say don't worry about it."

Ludwig's mother told 10News McGee was a monster.

"He's not nice," she said. "He beats up my daughter. I have a three-year restraining order against him and that doesn't stop him."

Ron Ludwig told 10News," I'm kind of happy that she's down there because she gets to sit there and think about what she's done."

Police linked McGee and Ludwig to the January 28 robbery of the Sierra Market, as well as four other robberies.

La Mesa police Lt. Matt Nicholass told 10News, "We believe it's likely he's linked to other robberies within the region."

Police said McGee wore a Spider-Man mask in some of the robberies.

McGee was booked into San Diego County Jail on charges of robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, restraining order violations, burglary and conspiracy, according to police. Bail was set at $500,000.

Police said Ludwig was booked into Las Colinas Detention Facility. Her bail was set at $400,000.

La Mesa police said they are working with surrounding jurisdictions to determine if McGee and Ludwig took part in other robberies in the area.

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