App leads grandmother to stolen phone

If you lost your phone at a San Diego Padres game, you'd probably never expect to find it.  

That's what happened to a North Park woman this week, but she was able to find it with the help of an app and San Diego police.

Maureen Kobrin was with her 3-year-old grandson at the playground at Petco Park on Opening Day Sunday. She assumes her $600 Samsung smartphone fell out of her pocket.

"I was on the playground on my grandson, who fell and I ran to him, picked him up and as I was making my way back to my daughter, it left my pocket," Kobrin said.

Kobrin had installed the free security app Lookout, which came with the phone. According to a spokesman, the app can be used for GPS tracking and other security features.

The following day, Kobrin went on the Lookout website and punched in "find my phone."

"A couple hours later at work, I checked my email and Lookout said they had found my phone," Kobrin said.

Her phone was no longer at Petco Park.

"When I clicked on the map, it was at a house in National City," Kobrin told 10News.

At that point, she wasn't sure what to do.

"Wow, what should I do, I called my cell phone provider who told me to call the police," Kobrin said.

SDPD told her someone would meet her at the house.

"I was very surprised that they were so receptive to helping out a person with a little phone," Kobrin said.

She stayed back while the officers went to the door. Within minutes, she had her phone back.

"The older gentleman went into the house and came out with a younger gentleman,” Kobrin said. “About five minutes later, the police officer came with my phone in his hand.”

The man with the phone was not charged.

"He didn't technically steal it from me,” Kobrin said. “He found it, and I didn't want to press charges, I just wanted my phone back.”

However, the suspect had no intention of trying to return the phone. Her information had already been removed.

"There was already another woman's name in the section where it says whose phone it was," Kobrin said.

Kobrin is now encouraging everyone to use the security technology that comes with their phone.

"I was just so amazed. I'm just really amazed."
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