Anthony Weiner vs. Mayor Bob Filner in comic's 'East vs. West Perv-Off'

Filner wins despite more media coverage of Weiner

SAN DIEGO - The sexual harassment scandal surrounding San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is now common fodder for comedians, and Tuesday night a jokester attempted to poke fun at the situation in a new way.

Comedian and TV Show Host Conan O'Brien aired a spot he called, "East Coast vs. West Coast Municipal Government Perv-Off." The spot in his standup routine put New York City mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner against Mayor Filner.

O'Brien said he was doing the joke "because all of the attention (Weiner) is getting is a clear case of east coast media bias."

Weiner recently admitted to exchanging sexually explicit messages online after similar behavior caused him to resign from Congress in 2011. As of Wednesday, he was the fourth candidate in New York polls.

O'Brien said Filner is "a much bigger creep, but he's west coast, and everybody's talking about the east coast creep, and I'm sick of it."

Filner got a point from O'Brien for his alleged "headlocks" of women because it was physical contact, as opposed to Weiner's virtual contact through text messaging.

The comedian also gave Filner a point for allegedly sexually harassing at least eight women who have publicly come forward, while Weiner had sent 'sexting' messages to two women.

Filner earned another point because of his age - 70 years old to Weiner's 48 years.

"He's been seriously creeping women out since the late 1950s," O'Brien said.

O'Brien also compared the Weiner's now infamous photo from below the waist, against Filner's smiling photograph found on City Hall's website. The comedian awarded the point to Filner and then declared, "West coast wins!"

The clip of the segment is below, courtesy "Team Coco" - O'Brien's YouTube channel through the TBS Network.

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