Ann Romney takes on San Diego City Council

SAN DIEGO - A surprise visit was made to San Diego City Hall on Tuesday as Ann Romney lined up with other concerned San Diego citizens to give the city council an earful.

"My name is Ann Romney," she said from the podium. "I am here today to express concern with the city of San Diego's noticing procedure for development projects."

It all happened during the public comment period on Tuesday. Romney used the entire two minutes of time permitted in the public comment period to express her concerns and how she says recent actions caused a delay in the permitting process of her La Jolla home.

"The hearing officer's decision on the coastal development and site development for my home was appealed due to potential defects with the public notice," she said.

In the two minutes of video taken from the city's television channel, Romney is seen in an unassuming white blouse with her hair pinned back as she addressed San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria and the rest of the council. She did not mince her words.

"Notice defects can be problematic for transparent government in public participation … two things that Mitt and I strongly support," she said.

She openly but calmly read from a prepared statement and criticized the city council for not providing the correct dates for public comment: dates back in 2011 which appear to have been of interest to her, specifically, as it affected the permitting process of their home on a secluded La Jolla cul-de-sac.

Later this year, the Romneys hope to begin the demolition and remodel of their 3,000-square-foot home and replace it with a 12,000-square-foot mansion, complete with a car elevator to carry the Romneys' cars to a subterranean garage.

As her two minutes of public comment were coming to an end, she left the council with the following parting words.

"I urge you to make sure that stronger protections are put in place so that in the future, permits are processed efficiently and correctly and the public is afforded the proper notice and opportunity to be heard," she said.

10News contacted Ann Romney's publicist to see if she had anything to add but were told she was not available Wednesday.

Additionally, since the city council is not supposed to respond to public comments during the meeting, 10News attempted to contact them Wednesday.

10News contacted Mayor Bob Filner's office, the office of Councilwoman Sherri Lightner and Council President Gloria's office to see if they had a response. Only Gloria's office responded to say they had nothing to add.

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