Animal rights activists protest Oceanside pet store

OCEANSIDE - Protestors walked alongside Oceanside Boulevard Friday carrying signs that urged a honk for animal rights.  

Their target was the Oceanside Puppy store, which they claim sells pets from puppy mills. The protesters recently recorded video of deliveries in a nearby alley.

“The puppies are trucked in 1,500 miles on this long journey in a huge semi, shoved through the back of a truck, stuck into Tupperware containers, brought into his store, and sold for several thousand dollars,” activist Leslie Davis said.
Store owner David Salinas told 10News the puppies are treated well. He reiterated that the store does not do business with mills.

“The nice thing about us is we have a heart and we work with legitimate, federally licensed and state licensed breeders,” Salinas said.
Davies argues that is misleading.   

“His puppies are housed on properties that have 200 to 2,000 dogs,” Davies claims.

“This has got to stop,” Salinas said. “This movement of accusing every single breeder that sells to pet stores as a puppy mill (is) absolutely ridiculous.”
Salinas posted a banner out front that read “Shame on the ‘animal rights’ extremists.”

“There's good pet stores and bad pet stores,” Salinas said. “We are an excellent pet store.”
Davies is hoping the Oceanside City Council will follow San Diego’s lead, which banned pet shops from selling cats, dogs, or rabbits if they do not come from a shelter, the humane society, or were a rescue animal.

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