Amish in northwest Ohio lose fight with board of health over outhouses without septic systems

Board has condemned 2 new homes

KENTON, Ohio - Over the pleas of the local Amish community, a northwest Ohio health board has decided to go ahead with plans to condemn two newly built Amish homes because they don't have required septic systems for their outhouses.

More than 100 Amish turned out Tuesday night to ask the Kenton-Hardin County Board of Health to reconsider the condemnation order, which requires that the homes be brought into compliance or the families move out.

The Columbus Dispatch reported that Henry Yoder, who owns one of the houses, read a letter signed by the local Amish community's seven bishops.

The letter said, "Our goal is to uphold and maintain the biblical principles of faith which our forefathers believed: to be a separate people." It quoted a passage from the Bible's Book of Romans that says Christians should not be "conformed to this world."

Now, the families can dig wells and install approved concrete pits under their outhouses, appeal the orders or move out.

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