Amazing video captures dolphin megapod

Hundreds spotted off San Diego coast

SAN DIEGO - Incredible video shows a megapod of dolphins just off the coast of San Diego.

Lou Paz has seen dolphins while riding his Jet Ski but never like this.

"I've never seen so many," he said.

He and two others were about two miles off Blacks Beach about a week ago when they were surrounded by hundreds of dolphins jumping out of the water and swimming right in front of his watercraft.  

"I was almost tempted to jump in the water and play with them but the water's too cold," he said.

Instead, he took out his cellphone and began recording.

10News showed what he captured to the executive director of the Birch Aquarium, Nigella Hillgarth.  

"Last year, there were more megapods around because I think it's because fish are congregating near shore," she said.

In the video, she spotted at least three different species.

"It wasn't just the local dolphins. There were dolphins that are usually further out," Hillgarth said.

As for Paz, he said, "I just had to get it and show it, otherwise, who would have believed me?"

Watch the video below (mobile users:

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