Alpine residents confused over change in sexual assault story

ALPINE, Calif. - Concerned Alpine residents' fear turned into confusion after learning a sexual assault victim changed her story.

About a dozen women met at the Alpine sheriff's substation Friday to learn more about the attack, only to find out it did not happen in the community.

"Were there any witnesses anywhere?" asked one woman. The San Diego County Sheriff's Department says it is still investigating the sexual assault as a crime but the victim now has a different recollection of what happened.

Instead of two suspects, they are now only looking for one person. Investigators are not saying when or where the crime happened.

"I don't know about that. If it happened close by, then I don't think I'm at ease if it really happened," said another woman.

"This is a very traumatic case," said San Diego Sheriff's Lt. Mario Zermeno. "We know that sometimes the information may be a little different."

Alpine resident Kristin Gauss asked why it took the sheriff's department four days to notify the public.

"We like to confirm a lot of evidence and information," said Zermeno. "In some cases, it just takes a little longer to confirm that information."

This comes two months after a woman jogging with her baby in Fallbrook reported she was sexually assaulted. In the end, she changed her story and said she knew the man and it did not happen where she originally said.

In April, a 12-year-old girl ran into a southeast San Diego convenience store and told the clerk she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted. Police later told 10News she changed her story and had made up the part about being kidnapped.

As for Alpine residents, they still have a lot of unanswered questions and will keep their guard up.

"If it happened close by, then I don't think I'm at ease ... if it really happened," said one resident.

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