Adults busted for buying alcohol for minors in San Marcos

3 arrests in Minor Decoy & Shoulder Tap operation

SAN MARCOS, Calif. - The San Diego County Sheriff‘s Department partnered with the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Friday night to catch adults willing to buy alcohol for minors in San Marcos.

Deputies from the sheriff's department, agents from the Alcohol Beverage Control and five minor decoys conducted a "Minor Decoy" and "Shoulder Tap" operation at liquor stores in San Marcos.

The "Minor Decoy" operation involved minors who were sent into stores to try and buy alcohol on their own.

Five stores were targeted and one employee was caught selling alcohol to the person posing as a minor.

Sheriff's deputies and ABC Agents also conducted a "Shoulder Tap" operation in front of liquor stores as teenagers asked adults to buy them alcohol.

Nineteen adults were asked, and three were arrested for buying alcohol for a minor.

A teenager was also busted for having alcohol and using a fake ID at a liquor store.

Deputies say these operations help reduce alcohol abuse and opportunities for minors to get alcohol.

Similar operations like these will continue in the county through June 2014.

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