Ad Attacks Nathan Fletcher's Attendance Record

Ad Sponsored By Carl DeMaio For Mayor

A widely-run TV ad is attacking mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher's attendance record.

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The ad says, "Fletcher skipped 70 percent of legislative sessions."

It is sponsored by the Carl DeMaio for Mayor group and attacks Fletcher's voting record as an assemblyman.

"Not a single one of the votes that Nathan missed, not a single one would have made a difference," said Amy Thoma, a spokeswoman for Fletcher's campaign.

Thoma said Fletcher would be attacked either way.

"Had Nathan gone to Sacramento for all those days, what you would've seen were attack ads for Nathan taking pier diem for days when there were non-substantive votes for missing debates down here [in San Diego]," she said.

DeMaio's campaign manager issued the following statement to 10News:

"Carl DeMaio spends many hours in council sessions each week, because that's his job. It is inexcusable that Assemblyman Fletcher has missed hundreds of votes this year. If he can't handle showing up to vote twice a week while campaigning, he isn't fit to be our mayor."

One group of political analysts called the Campaign Civility Project reviews every ad, dissects the content and gives each a letter grade on a scale from "A" to "F." They gave the ad attacking Fletcher a "C" grade.

"You're out there defending yourself on something you may be absolutely on the right position on, and that's why the ads are done this way," said Steve Peace, who is with Campaign Civility Project.

It is not uncommon for politicians to miss events or voting while campaigning. 10News did some digging and according to the U.S. Congress Votes database, during the 2008 presidential election, Sen. John McCain missed 53 percent of his roll call votes. Then-Sen. Barack Obama missed 33 percent.

"And with this ad with a 'C,' it's not the most uncivil ad you can do, but it's not an 'A' civil ad," said political analyst Dr. Carl Luna.

In the latest 10News scientific poll, Fletcher was tied for second behind DeMaio.

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