Active shooter scenario held at Navy base: Drill part of annual test for base security

CORONADO, Calif. - The guns were plastic, the bullets make-believe, but everything else inside the Navy Exchange on Naval Base Coronado was played for real.

"Most officers on base are not ready to engage an active shooter because that's not what we do on a daily basis," said Master Chief Jonathan Rowcliffe, a security officer overseeing the exercise.

This is an annual event at naval facilities across the country where over the course of several days, security teams are tested as to how they need to respond.

The exercise is based in reality. Last September, a contractor with a military ID brought a shotgun into the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. Thirteen people died that day, including the gunman.

"Anybody with access to a military base is a potential inside threat," said Susan Simon, who is with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, which also took part in the exercise.

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