Accused Orphan Abusers Talk To 10News

CLARIFICATION: These I-Team stories describe allegations regarding orphans who lived at the Miracle Ranch in Ensenada, Baja, Mexico. It should NOT be confused with another orphange using the same name located in Tecate, Baja, Mexico. The Miracle Ranch ( in Tecate is not the subject of our I-Team story. Media outlets in Mexico have been reporting the wrong information in regards to our story and we wish to clear up any confusion created by the inaccurate reporting.

Jorge Camberos is having a hard time admitting what happened to him 30 years ago. As a child he was raped, it happened at Miracle Ranch, a Christian orphanage 90 minutes south of San Diego.

After 35 former orphans came forward alleging physical abuse and sexual abuse, the 10News I-Team went undercover.

"When she saw I was hurt she said Antonio stop you are going to kill her (crying)", said former orphan Abigail Boche.

"He makes me (do) oral sex," said former orphan Elsa Ochoa.

This was under the care of Tony and Edna Hernandez, a couple who even today run the orphanage, 10News reported.

After all the things they done and probably still doing they can't stay there they need to be in jail where they belong.

"We conducted interviews with former orphans and ranch staffers, and the main U.S. charity that supports the ranch asking, did Tony and Edna abuse the kids?" said Drew Belk of the Baja Children's Foundation.

The orphans said that Tony and Edna were responsible, but they weren't alone, reported 10News.

"There was an American guy John Swink, he would go into the dorms and he was abusing us," said one of the orphans.

The 10News I-Team asked who better to tell us if the Hernandez couple were involved than John Swink?

76-year old John Swink is a registered sex offender convicted in the us of committing lewd and lascivious acts on a minor under 14, 10News found out.

Swink was never tried in Mexico. Swink was on the board of directors who ran the ranch and former miracle ranch orphans.

10News was told by the orphans that Swink was given access to young boys like Jorge by the Hernandez couple.

"Tony used to bring him to John Swinks' camp site and he would be molested," said former ranch staffer Steve Schienhoffen.

The 10News I-Team found Swink in Lake Elsinore.

"Sometimes I feel like jumping off a bridge but that doesn't solve anything all I can do now is live my life totally different now," said Swink.

Now, Swink has cancer, and no family, just memories of what he has done.

There are a lot of allegations of sexual abuse on your part," said 10News I-Team reporter Kerstin Lindquist Kerstin.

"There was a lot on everybody's part," said Swink.

Including allegations against Antonio Hernandez, the man who runs the orphanage today, 10News reported.

"Do you think he should still be running an orphanage down there now," said Lindquist. "Well if what was going on then is going on, " said Swink.

John Swink said he can not be sure Hernandez was actually physically or sexually abusing the children but he believes Hernandez knew that there was abuse taking place.

While at Miracle Ranch 10News saw no signs of abuse. Swink hasn't stepped foot in the camp for years.

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