Accuracy Of Blackout Information Questioned

Consumer Advocate Disagrees With SDG&E's Blame Of Ariz. Utility Worker

As federal and state investigators try to find out what caused the largest blackout in San Diego's history, one investigation is focusing on the public relations spin after the power outage.

Consumer advocate Michael Shames questioned why San Diego Gas & Electric immediately blamed the blackout on an Arizona Public Service worker.

"One individual, even a group of individuals, could not do what happened on Thursday," Shames said. "We knew that, insiders knew that; SDG&E had no business saying it."

Contradictory statements from SDG&E and the power company in Arizona have also caused some to question the initial information given by those power companies.

"I want to convince this utility that it does not make sense to lie to the public," Shames said. "Because they don't want liability and they want to persuade the public that it was somebody else, not them."

All the public information, including any information about the power outage investigation, is now being filtered through the California Independent System Operator.

On Monday, ISO investigators said they won't have any findings for a while.

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