About 150 cyclists honor Chula Vista dad killed in crash

CORONADO, Calif. - When Jason Voigt lost his brother David in a horrific crash back on March 3, it was heartbreaking.

He still struggles to finishes sentences about David. That is how much his heart hurts. But the pain was not going to stop Jason from honoring him on Saturday.

About 150 people gathered in Coronado to honor 46-year-old David Voigt, who was riding his bicycle when he was struck by a suspected drunken driver.

"He was a good man," Jason said. "We did everything together."

They had been inseparable since they were kids. Their father built them bikes and taught them how to ride. They loved it so much that they bonded over BMX racing.

"[He was] just a great guy," Jason said through deep breaths. "Great husband, great brother, gone. We just got robbed of a human being that added to this world."

In March, Voigt finished his shift at Sweetwater Authority, which provides water to people in the South Bay. He started riding his bike to work several months before because he wanted to live a long, healthy life with his family. Like any other day, he hopped on his bike after work and was just blocks away from getting home to his family in Chula Vista.

Police say Michael Reyes was drunk and behind the wheel of a stolen car when he cut across the street and hit Voigt.

The crash was so horrific, Voigt landed on the roof of the car. The bike his father gave him was split in two.

His father, David Sr., only has one son left. 

"Now, there are two boys that don't have a father," he said. "His wife doesn't have a husband."

David Sr. led "David's Ride," which went along a path they used to ride on together.

"It is a good sport," he said. "It's good for you, it's healthy. It's just, we've got to do something about this problem."

They said the riding is going to continue, so the drinking and driving has got to stop.

The Voigts hope the bike ride will raise awareness so another family will not have to know how deep the pain can run.

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