Teacher sings national anthem, fulfills 'Bucket List' wish

Students say it started as class assignment

An East County teacher fulfilled a dream on her 'Bucket List' by singing the national anthem in front of the crowd at Monday night’s Padres-Pirates baseball game.

She told 10News it all started with a class assignment when she asked her ninth grade English class to write their own Bucket Lists.

“I want to go to fashion week," said freshman Finnisha Eastman.  “I want to sit next to one of my favorite designers, Rachel Zoe, and watch my pieces go down the runway.”

“To be the ASB President because I think that would be an honor to serve my school like that,” added freshman Trevor Krantz.

“To make a living off my art,” added freshman Josh Cloud.  “Which is something that would be really great.”

Then there’s teacher Jenny Serban's dream.

The ninth grade English teacher at Steele Canyon High School had always wanted to sing the national anthem at a baseball game.

“It’s just a little secret that I've had that I've kind of kept for a while and I finally decided to share it with my students,” she told 10News just hours before she was to sing at Petco Park.

“She just asked us about our Bucket List and to start us off she told us the top one on hers which was to sing the national anthem,” said Cloud.

“I feel like if you say you're going to achieve something and you tell people about it, it makes it more purposeful and therefore you can achieve it,” added Serban.

As part of a class of 2017 fundraiser, Krantz was asked to sell 300 tickets to Monday night's game.

In doing so, they'd have the opportunity to have the school sing on the ball field.  But instead of the school choir, Cloud told Krantz about Mrs. Serban's wish.

“I came over to her in second block and I said, ‘Ms. Serban, do you still want to sing at the Padres game?’ And the light in her eyes were just like, how can I say no?”

She added. “I was in shock. I was speechless, which is hard for me.  I couldn't stop smiling.”

Her smile was even wider as she took to the ball field as her wish finally came true.

“More than one dream is coming true,” Serban added.  “It’s not just the dream of being able to sing. But it’s also this dream that I hope I am affecting students every day.”

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