87-year-old singer hopes thieves return her music collection

Louise Tabler says the show must go on

SAN DIEGO - "The show must go on," said a smiling Louise Tabler after thieves stole microphones, cables and sheets of music from the 87-year-old's car.

Tabler and another singer in the Fyntones were on their way to perform at two New Years Eve gigs at retirement communities when they discovered the broken glass.

"I guess they were in a hurry," Tabler told 10News reporter Allison Ash. "They saw the bags and they thought, 'Well, this is something that's going to be worth something.'"

Tabler said her amplifier and her speakers were left untouched. 

"Maybe they're too antiquated?" she said with a smile.

She was not happy to learn the thieves got several folders filled with playlists, music and arrangements prepared by her late husband, Jim.

Tabler explained that she met Jim when they both played in a big band. They later decided to form the Fyntones, which perform at retirement communities across San Diego.  The band plays dozens of gigs each year, performing tunes that date back to the 1920s.

"It keeps me alive," said Tabler. "I love to sing, and I'll do it for as long as I can."

Tabler began performing when she was 5-years-old. The Orange County native performed in USO shows during World War II and even landed a radio show in Hollywood. 

She never stopped performing, working in clubs and cabarets all her life, so it is no wonder she did not cancel her New Years Eve performances after the theft.

Tabler says she hopes the crook has a conscience and returns her music, which she says is irreplaceable.


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