6 Jeep Wranglers, Rubicons stolen in Coronado in the past month

CORONADO, Calif. - Six Jeep Wranglers and Jeep Rubicons have been stolen from homes in Coronado in the past few weeks.

"I went out there and said, where the hell is the Jeep?" said the most recent victim, Anicia Gottwig. "I know I parked it right here and it's gone."

Gottwig owned a 2007 Jeep Rubicon with a hard-top cover. She said there was no way it was unlocked when it was stolen Thursday.

"I said, 'What's going on here? We're supposed to be in a safe city,'" Gottwig said. "This is supposed to be a no-crime city. Where's my Jeep?"

At least two of the stolen Jeeps have been spotted crossing the border because the thieves did not change the plates.

Nine vehicles total have been stolen in Coronado since May.

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