50,000 unemployed Californians have not received their latest unemployment payments

EDD blames switch to new computer system

VISTA, Calif. - Tens of thousands of Californians are without their unemployment payments this month due to a computer issue at the state's Employment Development Department.

According to department spokeswoman Loree Levy, 50,000 unemployed Californians have not received their checks after the department installed a new computer system over the Labor Day weekend.

"We have to bring several years of old claim data into the new system and some hiccups with that have caused some payment delays," Levy said. "We're not happy about it. We highly apologize to the people that are impacted by these late payments."

Vista resident Janet Carrasco is one of the 50,000, and she told 10News, "It's disheartening is what it is. It's very sad. I have $9 on my [unemployment debit] card. That's a lot more than a lot of people."

Carrasco said she receives less than $300 a week.

"We don't buy any extra food," said Carrasco. "There's nothing extra in this house."

She has been collecting unemployment since this summer when her seasonal job at the Del Mar Fairgrounds ended.

Carrasco said she understands computer problems, but would have preferred to get a heads up "and let us know there may be a problem."

Levy said the EDD hopes to have the glitches fixed in the next few weeks.

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