5-year-old bitten by rattlesnake in Spring Valley: Authorities offer tips on how to avoid encounters

Authorities: Recent jump in snake calls

SPRING VALLEY, Calif. - A 5-year-old girl was bitten by a rattlesnake in the La Presa area in Spring Valley, authorities said Tuesday.

Firefighters responded to the incident just before noon Monday in the 8700 block of Spring Canyon Road.

Authorities said the girl was bitten as she was playing in a grassy area of a condo complex. Residents helped firefighters locate and confirm that the creature was a rattlesnake.

The child was taken to Sharp Grossmont Hospital and treated with anti-venom.

Authorities said the Sunday incident coincides with a recent increase in snake calls. Authorities said this is due to warmer weather and snakes are becoming more active.

The Animal Poison Control Center offers the following tips to avoid encounters with snake:

-Keep yards tidy by clearing undergrowth, toys and tools that make great hiding places for snakes
-Keep walkways clear of brush, flowers and shrubs
-Clean spilled food, fruit or bird see, which attracts rodents and in turn attract snakes to yards
-When walking a pet, keep it on a leash
-Steer pet clear of long grasses, bushes and rocks
-Keep a distance if a snake is spotted
-Be familiar with common snakes in the area to assist in identifying the type of snake that may help with treatment

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