4th, 8th Grade Math Scores Rise Within SDUSD

Math scores for fourth- and eighth-grade students within the San Diego Unified School District rose last year, according to the results of a national assessment released Tuesday.

Results of the "The Nation's Report Card" were based on an assessment given to fourth- and eighth-grade public school students from 18 urban school districts.

Math scores for both fourth- and eighth-grade students in San Diego went up, according to the report.

Eighth-grade math scores rose 8 points over the last test in 2007 and were 16 points higher than when the first test was administered in 2003. Math scores for fourth-graders in the district rose 2 points over 2007 and 10 points from 2003.

"This goes to show what sustained progress and determination by our hard-working teachers and students means over the long run," said Bill Kowba, SDUSD's interim superintendent. "Not only is the increase this year very impressive, but the fact that these students were able to repeat their fourth-grade success as eighth-graders is even more noteworthy."

Among eighth-graders, only Austin, Texas and Charlotte, N.C. beat the national average of 282 points, while SDUSD was at 280, according to the district. A "basic" knowledge score was set at 262, while the large-city median was 271.

For fourth-graders, a "proficient" rating was considered 249 points, according to the district. The average national score was 239 and San Diego came in at 236.

Results from the reading portion of the test are expected to be released in the spring.