4-Year-Old Hurt In Bus Stop Crash Recovering

Elijah Shane Hurt In City Heights-Area Crash That Killed His Mother, Vanessa

Doctors said a 4-year-old boy who was injured in a crash near a City Heights bus stop last weekend is showing signs of improvement and may get to go home soon.

Elijah Shane, 4, his mother Vanessa Shane and her boyfriend David Abilez were standing near a bus stop in the 4800 block of University Avenue when a car veered off the street and struck them.

On Wednesday, Elijah's health had improved to where he tried to walk for the first time since the crash on Saturday night.

"He just took a couple of steps in the room… It was kind of painful for him on his one leg," said Elijah's grandfather, Mark Shane.

Elijah suffered a broken leg, a broken arm and ruptured liver during the crash.

10News obtained surveillance video that shows where the three stood moments before the crash.

The video shows Vanessa seeing the car coming and instead of trying to avoid the car, she waves to Elijah to get out of the way. Instead, he walks towards her as she runs to block her boyfriend, who was closest to the car.

Vanessa did not survive the crash. Her boyfriend remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Her parents broke the news to Elijah on Tuesday night, two days after the crash.

"We didn't use any words like death or dying… Then, a visitor came in later that day and walked up to him and he said, 'My mommy's dead.' So he knows," said Shane.

Family friend Linda Robinson said monetary donations for the family have poured in.

One woman even donated her funeral plan at Greenwood Cemetery, which included the crypt, casket and funeral services all paid for.

"We were jumping up and down just thinking, 'Thank God that somebody could be so generous,'" said Robinson.

Police said the driver, a 71-year old Encanto woman, had a diabetic seizure. Robinson said the woman contact her by phone.

"She said, 'I want to send a letter of regret or condolence,'" said Robinson.

In the meantime, the Shane family will continue praying for their grandson's recovery and planning for their daughter's funeral.

If you'd like to help the Shane family, you can send a monetary donation to:

Shane Family Trust Fund GWC (Golden West Conference) P.O. Box 99610 San Diego, CA 92169

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