3-year-old girl run over by distracted driver; Mom says strangers stopped to help

Girl hospitalized with hip injuries

STRONGVILLE, Ohio - A distracted driver didn’t realize she hit a 3-year-old girl until two strangers threw themselves in front of the car to stop it.

The incident happened in the parking lot of a Kohl’s store near Cleveland last Friday.

The girl’s mother, Natalie Dschuhan, said the driver was looking right and turning left while on a cell phone. The two were walking hand-in-hand when the little girl was struck.

“It’s a perfectly sunny, beautiful day. Everything’s nice and I just felt a pull and I look, and it’s a tire on my baby. How do you stop that?” Dschuhan said.

The mother of two said the driver tried to keep going, not realizing she hit 3-year-old Alyssa. Dschuhan said it took two strangers to get the driver’s attention. A man ran to block the moving car and tried to the lift the bumper while a woman threw herself in front of the car’s tires.

“You don’t find people that just, without any thought of their own safety, just threw herself under this car,” said Alyssa’s grandfather Ed Hendricks.

“I mean, it’s unbelievable… There’s no way you can repay them. She saved the baby’s life,” Dschuhan said.

Despite their selfless actions, the two people who stopped the driver said they are not heroes.

“I think we were really just doing what needed to be done. I mean, we’d seen a situation and we reacted. I would hope that anybody would do it. I mean, the little girl. I was scared that the driver didn’t know she hit someone,” Teresa Saunders said.

Alyssa doesn’t remember the accident; she only remembers her mother getting hit by a car. The girl’s hip is fractured in four places, so she can’t walk and can hardly sit up. Her mother said the hardest part is they have no idea what damage this will cause in the long term.

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