Family of 3 rescued after boat capsizes about 2.5 miles off coast of La Jolla

SAN DIEGO - A family of three was rescued Saturday after their boat capsized of the coast of La Jolla.

The vessel, which was described as a 21-foot recreational boat, capsized at about 11:30 a.m. off La Jolla Shores.

More than two hours later, people aboard the sports fishing boat New Seaforth spotted the victims – a 47-year-old father and his sons, aged 18 and 24 – in the water and brought them on board.

Crew members jumped into the water to rescue the family that had been stranded at sea for hours.

"One of the crew members, right when the father and son got close to the boat, jumped in and was able to get the 18-year-old's head above the water," said witness Phillip Lazarus.

"It was two brothers and a dad, and the youngest one seemed to be suffering the most," recalled 11-year old Kevin Russell, who was on the boat for a fishing trip with his dad. "Everyone was praying for them… everyone put their jackets in, and I put in my beanie [for one of the victims]."

Two nurses who were also on a fishing trip aboard the boat helped perform CPR on the men before lifeguards arrived on deck.

Lt. John Everhart, who is with San Diego Lifeguards, told 10News, "The conditions are very rough with the winds that we have. The crew on board the New Seaforth... they did a heroic job of getting the three people on board their boat, in my opinion."

All three men were taken to UCSD Medical Center to be treated. The father and older brother have been released, but the 18-year remains hospitalized.

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