3 arrested at gas station near Marshalls in Mission Valley: Trio may be linked to shoplifting ring

SAN DIEGO - The arrests of three people in Mission Valley may offer a major break in a crime spree targeting Marshalls stores across Southern California.

Police spotted the suspects, who were in a red Camaro, on Tuesday evening at a Chevron gas station near the Marshalls store.

Officers had guns drawn while surrounding the car. Inside the trunk were bags of stolen Marshalls merchandise.

Tuesday's scene was not what Lucas Doney was expecting to encounter on his gas run.

"The guy next to me at the pump ducked behind his car and he was just hiding below the level of the windows 'cause all the cops were pointing guns in his direction," said Doney. "They had everybody walking backwards, hands up.

Two women and one man were eventually led away in handcuffs.

Police tell 10News it might be something much bigger and that the trio might possibly be part of a shoplifting ring that steals and then returns to the store.

According to police, the three are likely to be charged with burglary, not only for the amount stolen but for the intent to steal.

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