22 San Diego salmonella cases linked to Foster Farms chicken outbreak

SAN DIEGO - Consumer Reports is demanding a recall as 10News has learned nearly two dozen people in San Diego have become sick from contaminated Foster Farms chicken products.

Officials with the county's Health & Human Services Agency told 10News that the average number of salmonella cases for this point in the year is 324. So far in 2013, there have been 354 cases, which the county says is within the expected range.

Twenty-two of those salmonella cases in San Diego are confirmed to be associated with the multi-state Foster Farms chicken salmonella outbreak.

Some shoppers outside of the Food 4 Less story in Mission Valley had varying opinions.

"I'm a little reluctant to buy chicken until this whole thing passes over or until they give the OK," said downtown resident Janet Cwik.

Shopper Hugo Merino of Normal Heights said he's not too concerned, telling 10News, "Just make sure the chicken is cooked really well now."

The chickens processed at the three California plants may not say Foster Farms on the packaging. They are sold under a variety of names including Ralphs, Safeway, O Organics, Eating Right and Kirkland, among others.

For more information on the safety alert, go here: http://bit.ly/15XZuZj

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