2 vehicles collide at red light in Carmel Valley

2 drivers, 1 dog unhurt in crash

Two people are recovering Thursday morning after a rollover crash in Carmel Valley. 

Police said a white SUV, with a woman and a dog inside, was headed southbound on El Camino Real. At the same time, a Hyundai was headed northbound. 

Officials believe the SUV tried to make a left turn onto High Bluff Drive when the two cars collided. The front of the black sedan was smashed in and the SUV was hit so hard, it rolled over and came to a stop on its hood. 

10News spoke to the first officer who arrived on scene. He said that when he pulled up, he was worried there would be major injuries. He was stunned to learned the two people and the dog were all unhurt from the crash. 

He said the woman cut her hand, but it happened after the crash and as she crawled out of her vehicle. 

The dog, Cooper, appeared to be shaken up, but we were told he was much better after some attention from his owner.  

The officer said it was a good lesson in the difference seatbelts can make. He also said the public should be aware of a law for people driving with pets. The law states animals should be safely enclosed or strapped in with a harness or dog seatbelt.

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