2 swim to shore after getting stranded on Jet Ski off Sunset Cliffs

SAN DIEGO - Two men reportedly spent the night stranded on a Jet Ski in the ocean off the Sunset Cliffs area.

The men were discovered sometime before 4 a.m. Wednesday after they swam to shore and phoned 911 from a call box. They told San Diego police that they had been stranded since about sunset on Tuesday.

The men were being treated for symptoms of hypothermia, police said. The Coast Guard later found the Jet Ski stuck in some kelp. It was taken to San Diego Lifeguard Services headquarters in Mission Bay.

One of the men told 10News he and a friend left Shelter Island on a Jet Ski Tuesday afternoon and headed to La Jolla to take pictures. One of them was standing up on the Jet Ski taking a photo off of Sunset Cliffs, when the Jet Ski tipped over.

The men hung onto the Jet Ski for a time, before deciding to swim ashore, he said.

Police are investigating.

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