2 North County athletes hurt in crash after rock smashes through car windshield on I-5 in Oregon

Teammates driving back to University of Oregon

SAN DIEGO - Two former North County athletes are recovering in the hospital on Wednesday night after someone threw a rock through a car windshield on Interstate 5 in Oregon.

"The worst nightmare that any parent can have is that you get a call in the middle of the night and they say your daughter is being loaded into an ambulance," said Paul Grabill, the father of Molly Grabill.

Grabill, who is from Poway, and 19-year-old teammate Chris Brewer, who is from Vista, were driving back to school at the University of Oregon after Thanksgiving break. Both run track for the Oregon Ducks.

Police say the two were about an hour south of campus when someone dropped a baseball-sized rock off of an overpass, smashing the car's windshield and knocking Grabill, the driver, unconscious. Brewer had to grab the wheel.

"Chris basically controlled the vehicle as best he could," said Paul Grabill. "The car did roll over."

Grabill and Brewer were taken to the hospital, with Grabill suffering serious injuries to her face.

At first, police thought ice might have smashed through the windshield, but now they believe someone may have been deliberately tossing rocks onto the freeway.

"How do you get your head around that, you know?" said Grabill. "They're thinking that it must be a kid. We'll find out."

Police in Oregon say that making an arrest in this case is their top priority.

Though she will need several surgeries, Grabill is expected to make a full recovery.

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