2 more women come forward claiming they were scammed by tax preparer

ESCONDIDO - Two more women came forward to 10News Wednesday after a story aired about a questionable tax preparer.

Sisters Tori and Cheyenne Benson say there were red flags from the very beginning, like having to pay cash only – $150 – to get their taxes prepared by the company calling itself L and T Works, which is set up in a Miramar strip mall.

After filing her taxes last Thursday, Tori claims she was told to return Monday to review, sign and pick up her forms to mail them off herself.

"I thought that was weird too, because usually when you have a tax preparer, they take care of that," she said.

When she arrived at the storefront, she found the business closed and a sign in the window saying they had been paid a visit by the IRS and were checking to make sure they were in compliance.

Days later, she says she received a text.

"It said, 'This is Lisa from L and T works, just letting you know your taxes have been accepted and we will be back in the office next week to give you copies,' and I'm like, what? I'm under the impression that she's already filed my taxes so, one, I have no idea what I’m getting back. I have no idea what she’s claimed on my forms and I have no signature on that tax form," said Tori.

Both sisters were even more alarmed when they saw a 10News story that aired on Tax Day involving another woman who filed with the same company and said nearly every number filed on her return was wrong.

By then, Cheyenne, who had filed her amended 2011 return with the company, had already received a letter from the IRS, saying they needed proof she had gone to school.

"I'd told them I didn't go school and don't put that," she said. "I looked at my documents and I saw they'd claimed all this charitable and church donations that I never made."

Both women are now concerned about what kind of trouble they could be in.

"I gave them my routing number, all my bank info … I'm scared. I've never been in a situation like this," said Tori.

Cheyenne added, "I didn't even know you could do stuff like this."

10News attempted to contact L and T Works but have not heard back.

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