2 local students arrested for bringing weapons to 2 different campuses

Arrests occurred on same day as Conn. shooting

CHULA VISTA - 10News confirmed two local students were arrested Friday for bringing weapons to two different campuses. The arrests occurred on the same day as the Connecticut school shooting.

At about the same time San Diegans were learning about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, a 15-year-old boy at Otay Ranch High School was being arrested for bringing a homemade knife on campus.

Two hours later at Chula Vista High School, police arrested another 15-year-old when he showed a friend a sword he brought to school in his backpack.

Parent Pamela Lopez told 10News, "It's kind of getting scary, like, maybe they should have metal detectors or something because you never know anymore."

Both sophomores were released to their parents and suspended from school – not expelled – because the school district said they did not brandish or take out their weapons.

The principal at Chula Vista High School told 10News his student was just showing the 10-inch sword to a friend and did not intend to hurt anyone.

However, a Sweetwater Union High School District spokesman told 10News, "They said they were some sort of protection for themselves… not sure what specifically protection from."

Intent or not, parents are angry.

Adrea Gomez, who is the parent of a teenager, told 10News, "Even if there was no harm done, even if it was just showing, the fact that he brought something that could have led to an accident… it's horrible."

"You never know if another kid would have used towards someone else," said Isaiah Chavez, a student at Chula Vista High School. "He could have taken it from him if he was mad at someone and hurt that person."

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