2 arrested in Scripps Ranch burglary attempt

Suspects may be connected to series of burglaries

SAN DIEGO - A burglary series which occurred in the community of Scripps Ranch for more than a year may have come to an end.

On Wednesday, an attempted burglary occurred at 9:50 a.m. in the 11000 block of Mira Lago Way.

A neighbor noticed a man ringing the door bell a few houses down while another man was sitting in a car. The man ringing the door bell then tried to open a side window on the home, the neighbor said.

The alarm activated, the neighbor called 911 and the men ran off. They were tracked down as several other neighbors called police with updates of where the men were seen running.

None of this surprises neighbor Dan Debeliso, who told 10News they have an extremely active neighborhood watch program in place.

"Any time any burglaries or crime goes on, we get an email about what might be going on," he said.

Much has occurred in Scripps Ranch during the past 18 months. 10News has reported on nearly a dozen break-ins in the community.

This time, the suspects were caught across the street from Debeliso's home and a search of their vehicle reportedly turned up stolen property from another burglary four weeks ago.

"If they got somebody for more than just one incident, then that wouldn't break my heart," said Debeliso.

According to police, 19-year-old Ian Johnson of Tierrasanta was booked on conspiracy to commit a crime and receiving known stolen property. Meanwhile, 19-year-old Thomas McGuire of MIra Mesa was booked on several burglary charges.

Police are still investigating whether the suspects may be linked to the series of burglaries in the community.

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