Toddler found wandering streets of Sherman Heights reunited with parents

SAN DIEGO - A 2-year-old boy is home with his family after being found wandering in the middle of the street Tuesday night.

Someone passing by spotted the boy, who was fully dressed, walking in the 2400 block of Market Street in Sherman Heights just after 10 p.m. He was also carrying an iPhone.

According to police, the child was able to help direct officers to the apartment where he was staying.

"Two-year-olds, they try and go and as you know, get anywhere they can and this one was able to sneak out," said San Diego Police Lt. Paul Phillips.

After walking the neighborhood with the boy, police found an open apartment door with two 13-year-old brothers sound asleep inside. The toddler is their cousin. The kids told police their mom was at church and the younger boy's parents were at work. They also indicated that the door had been locked.

Police said it doesn't appear any charges will be filed, but the case will be turned over to Child Protective Services as a precaution.

"Given the fact that they were family members and there were two of them, the parents seem responsible when they came here and I don't think they would've left the child with someone that was irresponsible, but these things happen," said Lt. Phillips. 

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