17-year-old girl arrested after leading police in car chase in Southcrest


A teenage girl was arrested Monday after leading police in a chase that ended at an apartment complex in Southcrest.

The chase began near 28th Street and Ocean View Boulevard after officers tried to stop a small, white Honda Civic for speeding.

Police said that the driver, a 17-year-old girl, sped off with two male passengers in the car. Other officers joined the pursuit with speeds reaching about 55 mph. The pursuit stretched from near state Route 94 southeast to the National City border. 

10News obtained excerpts of police two-way communications.

"We're doing 40 right now," an officer said. "Blew the red light at 25th… continuing westbound J."

Then, there was the sound of gunfire.

"Back on 25th and J… don't know if it backfired but I saw a flash come from the vehicle and heard a loud pop," an officer said.

San Diego police Lt. David Rohowits told reporters, "The officer heard what sounded like a gunshot come from the side of the vehicle. He wasn't certain, based on where the flash was, whether it was a gunshot or possibly a backfire but he airs that over the radio."

The chase continued eastbound through Sherman Heights and ended in the 4400 block of Delta Street, where the driver pulled into the back of an apartment complex.

Police said all three inside the car tried to run away. The driver and a 19-year-old male passenger were arrested. Police are still looking for the third passenger, who was able to get away.

Officers then backtracked.

"We immediately went back to the area where the officer thought he heard a shot and found a shotgun in several pieces lying on the pavement," said Rohowits.

He said he had no idea why they had a loaded shotgun, but when the red lights were turned on, they got rid of it.

"They tossed the shotgun from the vehicle," he said. "It landed on the ground and a round went off. The round did minor damage to a vehicle that was parked."

The third suspect was still being sought Monday afternoon. The others could be facing a charge of weapons violations and the driver additionally with a charge of failure to yield.

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