14 USS Midway Museum workers fired

SAN DIEGO - Fourteen employees of the USS Midway Museum's engineering department were fired after money earned by recycling scrap metal from the historic aircraft carrier disappeared.

Scott McGaugh, marketing director of the USS Midway Museum, told 10News, "Midway recently discovered some irregularities in our recycling program. After an internal investigation, 14 employees were terminated, all in one department. We also have turned the matter over to the San Diego Police Department …"

Museum officials said scrap metal that was created when parts of the ship were demolished to make way for new displays was sold to recyclers but only a portion of the proceeds reached the museum. A newsletter said losses may have totaled hundreds of thousands of dollars over several years.

The museum opened in 2004 and hosts as many as a million visitors a year. It has about 200 employees and 650 volunteers.

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